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The stakeholders of healthcare are many. They are namely payers, providers, provider organizations, employers and consumers. Although, specific stakeholder requirements are different, they are, for the most part, seeking the same results. These end results include: value, quality, accountability, safety and cost efficiency. To achieve these end results, organizations are constantly innovating through the implementation of new strategies. HealthCare management is evolving into one of the most important strategies. Stakeholders have agreed that healthcare management implementation must be outcomes and data driven so that it can provide information for decision making. HealthCare management is implemented through multiple functions. These include, utilization management, discharge planning, case management, disease management, population management and wellness management. These functions are sometimes executed on their own, and sometimes executed as an integrated effort. No matter what function is being implemented it must be driven by outcomes management . Outcomes management produces information to evaluate performance, and make necessary adjustment to obtain planned results.

Certifications Offered

Upon completion of the certification requirements, duly certified members of AIOCM may specifically use the letters: "CMC," "UMC" and "CAPC" following their names in professional correspondence, on business cards and in curriculum vitae. "Case Manager Certified" is abbreviated as "CMC." "Utilization Management Certified" is abbreviated as "UMC," "Clinical Audit Professional Certified" is abbreviated as "CAPC." Specific certification in other areas of healthcare management is continuously being scheduled and evaluated. Other certifications may be offered by the Institute to meet the needs of the industry.


    The objectives of AIOCM are as follows:-
  • To focus on activities recognizing outcomes management as a process based on measurement driven by data.
  • To develop and further advance practical and theoretical methodologies to implement healthcare outcomes management for employers, payers, providers, consumers community, trans-industry and multiple-industry organizations along the diverse continuums of care, health, life and disability.
  • To pose important questions and resourcefully pursue answers about data driven care management and the impact and benefits it has in overall healthcare management.
  • To establish standards of practice for outcomes healthcare management.
  • To develop and establish quality monitoring in the practice of outcomes healthcare management.
  • To continually evaluate and update the requirements for national certification for outcomes healthcare managers to meet the needs of the multiple stakeholders.
  • To develop outcomes healthcare management as an advanced practice management method.
  • To expand certification to meet the needs of the ever changing industry and stakeholder requirements.


Our services are directed toward the Healthcare related managers in many industries and across multiple programs. These include:-

  • Membership
  • Certification
  • Continuing Education
  • Study, survey, research and development
  • Resources provision for the multidisciplinary team
  • Member publication
  • Member network

Professional Fees

Application Fee $ 50.00
Examination Fee $ 75.00
Annual Membership Fee (General Membership) $ 75.00
Re-Certification Application Fee $ 50.00


  • Membership fees are due annually.
  • Certification fees are due every two years.



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Certification Procedures

AIOCM has developed two processes for certification. These are: the Standard Process and the Portfolio Review Process.

THE STANDARD CERTIFICATION PROCESS: The standard certification process involves the applicant meeting the general education, professional experience, education in the specific area, ethical requirements, and the passing of an examination administered by the AIOCM. General education, general professional experience and education are assigned eligibility points and the applicant is required to score a minimum number of points in the three categories. The applicant must also pass an exam administered by AIOCM.

Those exceptionally experienced candidates who do not meet the eligibility points under the standard procedure may apply under the portfolio review process.

THE PORTFOLIO REVIEW PROCESS: AIOCM is supportive of alternative ways to qualify professionals to meet the certification requirements. This is achieved through the Portfolio Review Procedure. This procedure allows a professional to assemble a portfolio of their education, training and experience for evaluation by AIOCM. AIOCM seeks to establish that the professional has had a solid foundation on which to build their skills. Under this procedure, applicants will be considered from professionals with over 10 years of related professional experience.

Applicants will be required to submit a portfolio of their educational background, work experience, and relevant education in outcomes care management for evaluation by AIOCM. The applicant will also be required to submit a statement indicating why the applicant will make an effective certified member in the specific function and how the applicant's past education and experience have prepared the applicant to be effective and two personal references. The applicant must also pass an examination administered by AIOCM.

Examination Requirements

Applicants meeting the eligibility requirements will be required to validate their knowledge by taking an examination administered by AIOCM. The examination is comprehensive and covers the knowledge required in the specific area of certification. Applicants have the option of completing the examination requirements before or after the submission of an application. The examinations are administered in various cities throughout the United States. If applicants have special needs that may prevent them from taking the examination, they must inform AIOCM. Reasonable steps will be taken to accommodate the requests.


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Re-Certification Requirements

Re-certification is required every two years. Re-certification is a process whereby the certified professional demonstrates ongoing efforts to maintain and enhance the ability to perform in an informed and competitive manner. Because outcomes healthcare management is an emerging specialty and because major changes are happening rapidly in the healthcare industry, re-certification is necessary every two years. To maintain this certification, the applicant must:-

  • Be a member in good standing with AIOCM.
  • Agree to adhere to the code of ethics as defined by AIOCM.
  • Update their skills through continuing education or professional service. The certified professional must accumulate 7 certification points during the two-year re-certification interval. Following are certification maintenance options valued at specified number of points. Certification maintenance is achieved by completing any combination of options with points that total 7 or more.
    • Continuing education in outcomes healthcare management through approved educational entities (1 point per 3 CEU).
    • Publication of a relevant solely authored technical paper, case history, or opinion paper (7 points).
    • Publication of a relevant jointly authored technical paper, case history, or opinion paper (4 points).
    • Publications of a solely or jointly authored book (7 points).
    • Publication of a relevant solely authored chapter in a textbook, handbook, or compendium (7 points).
    • Publication of solely or jointly authored technical paper or case history in AIOCM online journal (7 points).
    • Service as a faculty member for a relevant course requiring classroom instructions in an approved continuing education institution, community college, university or graduate school (1 pt/3 hrs of classroom instruction).
    • Successful completion of an undergraduate or graduate level course (2 semester units = 1 point).
    • Service as a peer reviewer for a paper for AIOCM (2 points).
    • Service as a peer reviewer of AIOCM certification application (1 point).
    • Service as a reviewer for a proposed health care standard/policy. Reviewers work must include written comments on the standard/policy being reviewed and may be published in the AIOCM Online Journal (2-7 points).

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